Game 3       June 11, 2009

WE WON ONE!  Scherzer shutout the Giants offense for seven spectacular innings.  He had 80 strikeouts in a career best 116 pitches.  Now that’s what I’m talking about!  Combine his excellent pitching with a player named Upton, who hit a homerun and scored another familiar hero, Byrnes, and you’ve got yourself a win.  Oh, if you’re bullpen doesn’t give away the game.  Which, thankfully, they didn’t!  Yes, they gave up one run, but according to the scoreboard, one run was not enough to ruin this win!  Nice work D-backs!  Enjoy your day off and get ready for the hitters from Houston!

*Personal note from the GameKnight…WHEW!  This is the 50th blog that I have written!  I did not know it would be this hard to keep up with the D-backs!!  Thanks to all who have read these D-Blogs.  I hope you’ve enjoyed them and rest assured, winning or losing, I will continue to create and entertain all season long!  How long is the season again???

**Personal note #2:  Okay, so, looks like 50 is the magical number because I suddenly diappeared!  Fast forward to 2012 and hope I can keep up with the dazzling D-Backs!  Stay tuned!




Game 2       June 10, 2009

Our dynamic, come-back D-Backs seemed to have begun hibernation early this year.  Maybe it’s due to the delay of the monsoon season?  Whatever it is, it seems their rattles are working better than their fangs.  In the last two games the Diamondbacks have committed almost as many errors as they have runs. They’ve only won 3 of 11 home stand series and appear to be in serious trouble.  Well, at least we still scored 4 runs and only let the Padres score 6 tonight.  Losing wouldn’t be so bad if we were getting better.  The same players are continuing to step up to the plate and perform, but it seems like the only runs we get are off of homeruns and the long-ball won’t always win the game no matter how far you hit it.  Unless, of course, EVERYONE hits one.  Regardless, this is no time to bail on our boys.  They may not have run support, but the fans won’t run and will continue to give support, even if it’s through clenched teeth, fists and the occasional ulcer.  We’ll take one, or two (Tylenol, Tums, etc) for the team and still believe that victory is on the horizon.  We just gotta get to that horizon!

DRAFT NEWS:  There were a lot of new and promising players selected by the D-Backs this week that look strong and should provide both offense and defense.  From the looks of things, I hope they can start playing as soon as possible…like, tonight!  One player, Patrick Schuster, dubbed the “No-Hit King”, (a lefthander, of course) looks to bring some serious firepower to the mound…eventually.  He has committed his cannon to the University of Florida for the time being.  I’m sure a few million dollars and his own bobble-head doll will change that.  No, I’m not saying education isn’t more important, but considering the opportunity, NOT the gratuity, education is something you are always pursuing and as far as the classroom is concerned, you can always go back to it.  For most people, it’s easier to do the math, than throw a fastball at fifty.  However, when you’re able to make a million dollars+, math will be a lot more fun to do!

Oh, one more thing I think you’ll find entertaining.  When the scouts were watching Schuster pitch–going for his fifth no-hitter in a row–(yes, I said, in a row), this was their conversation:

[The left-hander was going for his fifth no-hitter in a row that night, but Wrenn, the D-backs’ Florida area scout, told Allison not to expect to see him do it. “Listen, I just don’t think he’s going to throw the no-hitter today,” Wrenn told Allison.  “I think in the third inning there’s a kid named Doty and he’s a pretty good hitter for next year, he’ll be the one to break it up.”

Thanks for the dotty vote of confidence!  It’s nice to see even the scouting staff have   complete confidence in our up and coming players! LOL




Game 1       June 9, 2009

Buckner battled, but bailed out after giving up 6 runs in the fifth and sixth innings.  The fifth was practically flawless for San Fran, including a super shot of 433 feet by Pablo Sandoval that put the Giants ahead 5-4.  Oh well, at least Buckner didn’t give up all of the 17 hits the Giants had tonight.

On a positive note, the Diamondbacks acquired two new crew members from the First-Year Player Draft.  Let’s hope that our boys in red will give newbies Bobby Borchering, infielder and outfielder A.J. Pollock a better example to follow.  We know they’ll have big boos…I mean, big shoes, to fill.

Quotes to Quake By:

Concerning the 433ft. cannonball that broke through the Diamondbacks defenses, Buckner described the delivery as “a poorly thrown pitch” and said “he could have retired Sandoval if he had thrown to a better location.”  I think if Buckner doesn’t buck up, he’ll be the one that’s retired.  Then he can choose any location he wants!

“The bottom line is they came out and got 17 hits, hit the ball around the field and stuck it to us,” Hinch said. “We counterpunched a couple of times and kind of played out the rest of the game.  We’ll come back tomorrow.”

Come back tomorrow?  Why, so they can do it all over again?  No, showing up is no   longer enough.  It’s like life; if you just show up, you’ll keep getting beat up.  When life gets 17 hits off you in one day, you’ve got to do more than simply show up the next.  Even a target shows up.  I admit, the fight isn’t always fair, and the good guys and girls don’t always win, but, you’ve got to stop hiding out in that dark, comfortable dugout, get your game face on and come out swinging.  Even if you strike out again, don’t you dare stop coming to the plate.  No, it’s not easy.  Maybe you don’t care anymore or think why show up to the ballgame at all tomorrow because you’re just going to strike out, ground out, pop-out, and lose badly.  Maybe you’ll appear to be winning the game in the morning, but by the afternoon you’re already battered and bruised again.  Get some bandages, apply the balm of Gilead and step up to the plate one more time, one more day and keep swinging.  You’re hits will come, and so will the victories.  One more thing…don’t wait for tomorrow.  Come back TODAY, right now and keep swinging!



DIAMONDBACKS:   8-4-9-3       PADRES:   0-6-6-6

Game 4       June 8, 2009 

Is it just me, or have the Padres scored exactly 6 runs in each of the last three games?  I think Hinch better call Tom Hanks to the mound and see if there is some sort of devilish curse corrupting our Diamondbacks!  Whatever this is, they will need more than Pepto and a pep-talk.  This entourage needs more than a massage and encouragement; they need an exorcism!  Not exercise (they get enough of that watching the bullpen each night) but a good ol’ fashion fire and brimstone preaching to.  Okay, maybe that’s a little too harsh.  After all, the bullpen was spectacular for half of last night’s victory and didn’t do any real damage tonight!  In fact, Monday night was all about the starting pitcher, Garland.  Don’t get me wrong, he was awesome before he took the mound, but then he took a pounding.  He gave up six runs, seven hits and walked five batters in 6 and 2/3 innings.  Hey, he did get one strike out!  Next time Garland, let the bullpen allow the other team to score the runs okay?

The D-Backs have more than monkeys on their backs; they’ve got the whole Phoenix Zoo climbing on top of them!  Even more aggravating is Justin Upton’s shoulder problems. We need our go to guy back in the line-up, or we’ll really have some Giant problems this week!




Game 3       June 7, 2009

It was a happy ending for the Diamondbacks and it only took 18 innings.  Emotionally and physically it was like being on roller-coaster, except it’s one that never stops to let you off.  At first, the roller-coaster was on its way to a victory for the Diamondbacks.  Dan the (tired) Man Haren was wide awake and put the puzzled Padres to sleep with a 7-1 lead.  It was another excellent lead and hope began to be rekindled.  Unfortunately, the bullpen was awake too and caused such a racket it woke the sleeping Gian—I mean, sleeping Padres, and next thing you know…our sweet dreams turned into all too familiar nightmares.  The game was tied at 6 in the bottom of the ninth.  Can someone please hit the snooze button on the lose clock!  At least give Haren the win!  This happened on Tuesday when he left the game with a 5-1 lead.  Only the Dodgers didn’t just tie it, they beat the D-Backs.  Meaning Haren got an L, not a W.

But suddenly, as if someone flipped a switch, a battle cry from the battered bullpen sounded and for 9 more innings (yes, I said 9 more) they were unhittable, unstoppable, and unbreakable.  Was this really OUR bullpen?  Oh, I understand now.  They were just building suspense.  I knew they were only kidding the whole time.  They just wanted the crowd to get their money’s worth.  Ummm, how much is a triple-bypass and a trip to the stress-doctor?  Seriously!  No other team has crazy wins or losses like we do.  Like ‘em or loathe ‘em, this is our team and in the end they came shining through off the bat of Mark Reynolds.  Oh, and it wasn’t just a first or second pitch, it was a two out, 3-2, pitch; which means, had Reynolds struck out we would have gone to 19 innings!

This was already the third 18 inning game in the history of the D-Backs.  I guess that’s the secret to winning…make it through 18 innings!  That oughta sell some peanuts and cracker-jacks.  Maybe the vendors could start selling pillows and pajamas too?  Go get some well deserved sleep guys…you’ve got a long week ahead of you!  Sweet dreams.




Game 2       June 6, 2009

PETCO Park is turning into a huge pet-peeve for the Diamondbacks; and their fans.  What?  You don’t think it’s the field’s fault?  Who else could we possibly blame?  The batters are hitting well.  The starting pitchers are executing well (except for the five walks by Scherzer), and even the manager has managed to maintain his poise for his boys.  What or who then is the problem?  I’ll give you three strikes to guess, but I think you’ll only need one.  Seriously…what can be done to end this charade?  Is someone from the Mafia paying off our bullpen to lose games?  Are they allowed to practice with the team, on a real field?  Maybe they’ve been watching golf and think the lower the score the better?  Okay, okay, I’m berating the bullpen a bit much, but you get the point.  Yes, I think they can still do the job.  I’m just trying to get some emotion going (as if there weren’t enough already) and hopefully someone will get fired up enough (not necessarily fired) to do something about it.  Too many great games have been wasted with the balloon tossing bullpen.  I remember closers who would come out and the crowd would cheer, not nervously bite their nails, or hide their heads and pretend to suddenly find religion.

A closer should demand respect and should reek of intimidation, then wreak havoc!  I   believe those boys in the bullpen can do that, but right now when a reliever comes out, it is usually grief, not relief.  Give ‘em a new hair-cut and let them pitch for a little league team to remind them to have fun, or play a new motivational song as their intro and BLAST it through the speakers!  Give them extra practice, encourage them sacrifice something other than the team’s hard work.  In short, stop the bleeding and give them something to believe in until they can believe in themselves.  In the meantime, each one of us should continue to believe that their benign belief in themselves will begin to spark and take flame and fuel their inner-duel and get this team back into championship status, ASAP!




Game 1       June 5, 2009

The southpaw and triple threat team of Young, Snyder and Reynolds, thrashed the Padres on Friday night.  They each contributed commendably and backed by Davis’ potent pitching, the D-Backs looked better than ever.  Chris Young homered (That’s #4!), Chris Snyder went 2-5 and drove in 3 runs, and Mark Reynolds had 3 hits.  Davis (who hasn’t won a game in about a month, or six starts) was dynamic for six innings and…AND…please read this next part carefully so you DO NOT misunderstand.  Three relievers–that’s right 3!–came in and preserved the victory!  They didn’t even give up a run!  Looks like signs of the Swine and Swing Flus are fading fast.  Let’s see what delicious cuisines Saturday brings!




Game 3       June 3, 2009

An old familiar statistic stuck its ugly head out on Wednesday night.  No, it wasn’t another Justin Upton grand slam, or Reynolds rocket, or a Byrnes ‘worm-killer’, but it had the same effect as being slammed, rocked and killed. It was leaving 9 men on every base, but not bringing them home.  Is there a doctor in Dodger stadium?  I don’t even want to know the statistics of how many base-runners have been stranded, marooned, stuck, deserted and forsaken on base and not scored.  I hope they find the cure for this dis-ease in Sand Diego!

Quotes to Live By:

“Last game I think I gave up on myself,” Garland said.  “It wasn’t there and I didn’t dig deep enough and go find it.  I pretty much made up my mind from right after that game that it wouldn’t happen to me again the rest of my career.”

We could all use these words.  How many times have we given up on something too soon and watch it slip away?  We’ve all lost valuables in the form of time, money and people.  With each loss and cost we determine to never let anything be stolen, wasted, or lost again.  We learn how to dig deeper, love stronger, and protect at any cost; to not waste any more time, breaths or heartbeats, for the rest of our mortal careers.




Game 2       June 2, 2009

Baseball has its own version of swine-flu.  The D-Backs bullpen is sick.  What will bring an end to this pitching plague?  How many games have they squandered, wasted, or blown?  And don’t berate me with the “they’re burned out” excuse.  Don’t whine about forearm stiffness, or uncomfortable role reversals.  These guys have the best trainers, diets, exercise, and equipment; not to mention the time and the money to pay for all of it.  I know they’re human and injuries and soreness happens, but still, these are relievers; the elite class of pitchers who are supposed to be ready to strike at a moments notice.  They don’t have to go out and pitch seven innings.  It’s like a Navy Seal complaining about swimmer’s ear, or the Coast Guard about sea sickness.  So, maybe we need to start treating them better and bigger than they are right now.  I’m not talking about fake it till you make it–the scoreboard cannot lie.  However, maybe they will get over their swine-flu faster if they still felt we were supporting them and still have the confidence that they can do what they are best at when then moment comes.  Go bullpen!  You’re the best! …come on, at least try saying it.  It could happen!





 Game 1       June 1, 2009

The seven game losing streak at Dodger Stadium is over!  Let’s start a new one, only this time make it with WINS and not LOSSES!  Buckner was back in the saddle and riding much better this time.  Another familiar player, Josh   Whitesell, was also back and thankfully he brought his bat.  After going 3-26 previously for the D-Backs and earning a ticket back to Triple A (good thing it wasn’t a one way ticket) he showed up and shot a two run double into right field and shot the D-Backs right into another victory…despite the two runs given up by the…nope not going to go there—gotta stay positive.  We did after all, win the game.